Seeing 2020

You know how at the beginning of the New Year you hear a ton of people saying, “This is going to be my year.  Great things are going to happen”.  It’s the philosophy you want to have, right?  Maybe for some they even need this philosophy in order to find the strength to keep moving on.  I know the feeling all too well to be honest.  It’s hard when you think back on the struggles and hardships that you have overcome to think that there’s a possibility that you will have to endure yet another year of stress and pain.  That you will sit back and have to fight that battle yet again or even a different kind of battle.  It’s almost as if… when will it end?  It’s that never ending quote “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.”  Well listen God… I get you think that I’m strong… but cut a girl some slack will you?

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Reintroduce Myself

It is crazy to think about where your life once was. How you could usually be found at a local bar/club or out with your friends. Then you look at yourself now and see all that you are willing to do for your kids. You are now a mom squished into a toddler bed while your tiny human sleeps in the spare bed next to you since you dare not wake him by attempting to transfer him back. However, you also do not want to risk that he will hear your silent footsteps leave the room and attempt to sleep in your king size bed. So there you are… a full-grown 5’7 adult squished into a toddler sized boxed in bed frame just so that your tiny human stays asleep and quiet.

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