cropped-cropped-b-front-page1.jpgOnce you become a mom, you realize your life will never be the same. You also learn that you will never be able to sit still again. You become a caretaker, a maid, a contractor, a chef, a teacher and a business woman all in one. Then some crazy ones (like me) actually try to become some of those things as well as rock motherhood. This is where martinis come in handy. I have fraternal twins, James and Melody. I work full time, I am kicking ass at beating cancer and I love trying new recipes for my family. My life does not allow me to sit still and I love it. I’ve struggled through a lot and am starting to find my way out on the other side. I’m a fighter and now I have two little ones counting on me to not give up or back down from any challenge.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton