Unico Nutrition

So one thing that I’m sure most moms know… losing the baby weight is hard! I had a lot going on actually and didn’t gain the weight because of the babies but more due to the stress of handling being a mom, working full time and everything else with life. I ended up putting on 30 lbs and I’ve been so unhappy with my body that I decided that I need to take charge.

So I found this company called Unico Nutrition. They sell protein shakes, weight loss supplements, pre-workout and more! Plus their shakes come in AMAZING flavors and are super easy to make. So I ordered 2 of their protein shakes and an order of the weight loss supplements. I ordered birthday cake and caramel squares protein shakes and let me tell you…. best money I have spent on myself in a while.

So I reached out to Unico Nutrition about partnering up with them on my weight loss journey. I heard back from them and now if you order anything on their website, you can use my discount code “JMTWIN” and receive 15% off your order!

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