How to Place a Custom Order

You guys.. I am so unbelievably excited to fully announce the launch of BAHM Designs! I have been creating these designs and working this business here and there since the twins were born but I couldn’t find the right name or wasn’t in the right mindset for it all.

After the fire…I needed something that would be just for me and be where I can pour my entire self into. I have been working incredibly hard to build up this site and set up where my designs can even be ordered online. So we have the page which you can see in the drop down above where you can purchase some of our pre-made designs. BUT.. I wanted to remind you guys that we can also work together to come up with a custom design to fit your needs! If you look at the first few items on the BAHM shop you can see that there are a few items that say CUSTOMIZE with the set price. It is set up for most designs to fit the particular item that you choose. Of course with that said there also could be some custom ideas that may require an additional cost but that can be discussed after the order is placed 🙂

For every apparel order that is placed, there will be an included wash/dry direction page in the package. It is highly recommended that you hang any custom apparel to dry as the dryer can be a bit harsh on the vinyl. There will also be included instructions for any glassware as it is required that all glassware be hand-washed since there’s no guarantee that the dishwasher won’t destroy any design. Every wall decal/car decal will include step by step instructions in how to place the item correctly. Every order will also include a business card so that you can continue to keep us in mind for all of your future customization needs.

You have no idea how much this whole page means to me and that you guys have continued to provide so much amazing support. I can’t wait to continue on this journey with you all and I hope you are just as excited to see what is to come ❤

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