Fall 2018..The Good, The Bad & The Stressful.

The month of October was an incredibly rough time for me. I had a lot of personal drama within my family and then money started getting so incredibly tight, I couldn’t pay my rent even close to being on time and worried every day about what I would do if we got evicted. Somehow, I just kept pushing myself on, knowing that I had to do whatever I could to make sure the twins were okay. I went days sometimes where I wouldn’t eat so that we had enough food for the kids to eat and then there were days where I kept the kids home from school because I couldn’t afford the extra activities that were going on or the gas to get them there and myself to work. Then… November came.

These past few weeks something has changed inside me. I am honestly not sure what really set me off or what made me change but something just pushed me to finally start taking charge of things. When the twins were born, I had started making a few onesies and designs for them so that they could have unique outfits even though I didn’t have a lot of money. Over the summer, I had seen that an old friend of mine had stolen some of my designs and used them for her Etsy page. I had vented to my sister how it wasn’t fair because the only reason why I couldn’t do more with those designs was because I could not afford the Cricut machine and she could. Therefore, my sister approached me with an idea that she would buy the Cricut machine so that she and I could start a side business. So finally, I just pushed myself and really started coming up with designs. I realized that I could watch a YouTube video just once and I would be able to learn a new technique right away. I honestly started to impress myself with how good I was at this and how well the designs were coming out. Then I impressed myself even more, people actually really started to like the designs and make a ton of orders. Before I knew it, I had to work on orders that were over $200 and it felt amazing.

Then I started excelling school again. I had straight A’s and really was just turning everything around. I went from feeling just really down about myself and struggling horribly but then I just sat back and really started to turn my life around. So that’s when I realized my plate was full. I had straight A’s in school, working a full time job, making designs all the time, and just rocking this whole twin mom thing with two kids who no longer sleep. Melody has been dealing with a non-stop cold that refuses to go away and poor kid is just miserable every night for bed and James hasn’t slept in months… which as most moms know means I haven’t slept in months. However, after this sleep study and seeing the ENT again, hopefully we will finally have a resolution for Mr. James.

But these designs have really helped me to keep my head up. Apparently, people really like them but I think this little scenario that happened recently has really reaffirmed that to me. So as I said I have been getting many orders recently and a lot of people really like all of the things that I’ve been making. Honestly, it has just made me feel so incredible lately. I was getting an incredible amount of orders and slowly turning everything into a decent “side hustle”. I honestly never thought that I would be able to make something of it since I always see so many others try and fail at having their own little side businesses. I really can’t describe the feelings I’ve had lately. I’ve made team sweatshirts for a mom group that I belong to on Facebook and the women in that group are just so supportive. It’s a great feeling when you see that people notice you and that people think that you’re talented. It gives me the motivation to keep learning more and keep trying new designs. I’ve made shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, wine glasses, signs/plaques and more. Every day I just keep pushing myself to learn new designs and new ways to do things especially with the holidays coming up in December. It’s the perfect time where people love buying personalized, unique items.

Then something very interesting happened. I had gotten a weird order for 10 customized onesies with the family name on them. Not a problem since it’s an awesome design and wasn’t hard for me to make but the woman who ordered it would not pay for the items until after I had custom made all of them and she approved that they were perfect. Now normally I get order requests on Facebook, I can see their name, picture, info, everything. This person had clicked the text box on one of the social media pages, which is fine but I didn’t know anything about them except for their phone number. I explained how no one does that… not for a large order with things that I cannot resell to anyone else if she backs out. They were a stranger to me. I had no idea who this person was and had no guarantee that I would be paid back for the supplies, my time or anything. So I backed out from the order… then something weirder happened.

So there is a girl who strongly dislikes me, to the point where she even has me blocked on certain social media applications, which cracks me up. However, I honestly haven’t thought about her in a while until I was checking my Facebook memories and her name had come up. I knew she was getting married soon so I was curious if they had gotten married already or if the date was coming up. When I clicked on her page, I saw that she too had a craft page. I know that some people will think that I checked her page to be nosey or whatever but this was someone I genuinely cared about before. It hurt a lot when our friendship ended. I really was curious to see what she made and how life was going for her. That’s when I saw it. The contact number for the craft page was the same number of the person texting me ordering the 10 onesies. I honestly sat back completely speechless. Was she being that difficult about the order because she was trying to sell them as her own design? Her last name wasn’t the name that was requested nor was it her fiancé’s last name. So it had to be for someone else. I honestly could not figure out if I was more pleased that she was that impressed with my designs that she felt the need to sell them as her own or to be more annoyed that she felt the need to use me like that. I couldn’t let it bring me down either way though. She ended up texting me again asking for me to just complete the onesies and I finally just called her out on it. She denied the whole thing and changed her number on her social media pages. I just don’t get how things can go from being good friends to where you’re using that person.

But the show has to go on. So I know it has been awhile since I’ve posted anything and honestly I really want to get back to writing on here again. Even with all of the madness I have going on in my life, this helps me to step back and decompress a bit. I get to let out things I might be feeling and maybe I shouldn’t hold back as much stuff as I have in the past.

Some of my favorite designs from this past few weeks.


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