A Bad Ass Healthy Mama.. of Twins<3


So if anyone knows me well enough they know that I have gone through multiple different facebook logins, Instagram ID’s, phone numbers, etc… So why not have multiple blog set ups right? Just kidding. I actually have been wanting to take the plunge and create my own domain for a while now but haven’t been able to justify the cost of it.  Lately I decided I really wanted to do it and when wordpress.com was having a sale, I jumped right on it! I am going to switch all of my blog posts over from my old site and look to see if I can create one complete website, but that will take some time.

For those who do not know me well enough, my name is Kara and I am a 26 year old mother to 19 month old fraternal twins, James and Melody. I have had an incredibly hard past two years and writing seems to help me get everything out. Sometimes it’s good to have that release and to be able to do it in a healthy way, is incredible for me. It’s partially how I came up with the name for my website. I am trying to live my life in the healthiest way possible so that I can continue to be the bad ass mom of twins that I know I can be. Not saying that I wouldn’t indulge in sweets or turn down a 10 piece chicken nuggets, but I’m going to do everything that I can to be as healthy as possible. Sometimes when things are really hard for you all around, you have to take baby steps to get back to where you want to be. So I’m not killing myself over always eating 1000% healthy all the time…. Plus… who can deny chicken nuggets? Another fun fact to know about me and my health is that I am currently on the path to being able to say that I am cancer free! I battled cervical cancer for about 8 months and recently I have rocked my last 3 biopsies. Hopefully in June when I have my next PET scan, they will be able to say that I am no longer in need of any kind of chemotherapy treatments anymore! So now at least you have a bit of a back story and a quick summary about why I created yet another blog website, where I got the name for my website domain and where I’m kind of at with it.

A while ago a very dear friend of mine had a blog and was continuing to write a post every single week. Sometimes it would be about a topic that had come up in her life and sometimes she would use ideas from a list of topics she had. Unfortunately, since there are such awful people in the world, she was bullied and now feels like she has to hide herself so that others will leave her alone. I know all about how bullies can make you feel as though you cannot live the life you want to because of them. But I’m not going to let anyone get the best of me anymore. I know it seems like everyone says that and I’m sure that I have said that numerous times and haven’t held up my end of the bargain but it really isn’t easy. It’s hard to let what people say roll off your shoulders when it keeps happening over and over. Think about all of those children who committed suicide or hurt others/themselves due to constant bullying. It’s a huge problem that we are facing nowadays and I don’t think I will ever be able to wrap my brain around why people feel the need to bring others down. Why is it funny to make someone feel horrible about themselves? Why don’t you care that you’re hurting someone? Even if you feel that they have hurt you, why do you feel the need to get revenge by attacking them and bullying them? It seems like no matter what age you are, people will always feel the need to attack others. For some reason it’s also usually those who couldn’t hurt a fly that are targeted. I may not be completely innocent or anywhere near perfect, but I am someone who tries way too hard to be there for others and sometimes I am just way too nice to others. I have gone out of my way for people who didn’t deserve it, I’ve gone out of my way to try to impress people who really didn’t give a damn about me and I’ve sacrificed my happiness numerous times in order to do what others have asked of me. I’m not going to continue doing that either.

I’m not going to allow anyone to walk all over me anymore.

I’m not going to allow anyone to break me down anymore.

When you become a mom, your whole life is supposed to change. You’re supposed to stop thinking about yourself and your needs and put them first. They are the only ones who will ever come first before myself. But even with that said, if I’m not happy…. How can I give them the happy life that they deserve?

So I took the plunge and did something for myself. I purchased my own domain, I am trying to finish building this website so that it can look as awesome as I imagine it and I am going to write every week. I’m going to write about my journey even if no one ends up reading it. I’m doing it for myself. Who knows… you see these innocent, no name bloggers become someone famous all the time. Maybe I’ll be next. Until then, I hope at least I can share my journey with some of you.

Till next time… XOXO.



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